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Places Bookmarks Progress - Even More Try Builds

Places bookmarks are progressing nicely: I did a number of updates in the last weeks for changes on the Firefox side (all dependencies are fixed now) and I also addressed the few review comments coming from Neil. Altogether, esp. due to the former changes, but also as the last round of patches and builds is more than a month old and doesn't apply cleanly to trunk any more, I decided to do a new round of patches and follow up previous rounds of try builds with a fresh version building on current SeaMonkey and Mozilla code. As a change landed yesterday on mozilla-central that breaks all non-Firefox applications and a lot of add-ons, I took the last revision before that for those builds, which should still work fine.

Here are those round 5 places bookmarks try builds:As with the previous rounds, please test esp. bookmarks handling in those builds, ideally with copies of real-world profiles (they might destroy anything as they are highly experimental, don't use them with any profile that has no backups) and report any issues you're seeing.

Update (July 5): As Igor Velkov (iav) noticed, I apparently built the wrong application on try. I now have done another run with the correct settings (I hope) and updated the links to point to those builds.

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    Hi KaiRo. I got a chance to test out this recent build that has "Places" bookmarks. Compared the Places UI between this SM build to FF4.0b1.

    The "More" button and the "Show all tags" button need some tweaking and improvement as they look ugly. Otherwise, Places seem to work as good as the Firefox counterpart.
    2010-07-09 01:06



    Thanks for the testing and good to know it works well. If buttons are just "ugly", that's something we can easily deal with in followup bugs.
    2010-07-09 19:30

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