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Getting Back on the Road

Back in June, I wondered if the whole year might be travel-free for me - the good news is that it won't. After 10 months of being here in Austria, I'll get back to meeting other Mozilla contributors again.

The story behind that earlier blog post has not gone away though, black clouds are still hanging over my head, but one of those upcoming trips might lift those a bit as well, I hope. After all, that's a good reason why a number of developer meetings are done, as kernel developer Ted Ts'o puts it:
Quote of Ted Ts'o:
One of the primary reasons why I started the kernel summit ten years ago was because I've found that people work better after they have had a chance to meet each other face to face. If you only know someone via e-mail, it's lot easier to get into flame wars. But after you've met someone, broken bread and drunk beer with them, it's easier to work with them as a colleague and fellow developer. While the Linux Kernel development community has grown significantly since March, 2001, this principle still holds true.

There's still a month to go, but first, I'll be at a German community meetup in Cologne in September, and I'm really looking forward to meeting those folks, even when talking German at a Mozilla meeting will feel strange. I also hope that the German-language Mozilla Planet will up up by then so that we'll make sure everyone there who has a blog will be syndicated there. :)

Two weeks after that, I'll take a trip to Mozilla headquarters and will be there or in and around the SF Bay Area from October 4 to 15th.
There will be a number of people to talk to regarding upcoming SeaMonkey plans, our position in the community and our dealings with the future of the Internet, but I should have enough time remaining to just hang around the office for some time and be available for all kinds of talk and chatter, so if you happen to be in MV or the Bay Area at that time, please tell me so we can set up something - or just catch me there. Also, if you have any personal ramblings with me, please take the chance so we can clear those things up in person - we don't have to love each other, but it would be good if we can get along, given we all are working for a better Internet and the overall Mozilla mission.

And probably a short time after that (we are still in negotiations about financing, etc. and have not confirmed the date yet), there will be a long-awaited meeting I won't have to travel to very far - we are planning for a SeaMonkey Developer Meeting with 20-25 people from our community right in Vienna, Austria (Wien, Österreich)!

I'm looking forward to meeting all those people at those different places, being productive in different directions, and getting thoughts to flow on how to tackle the future (well, "tackle" might be the wrong word, we're not in the defense here, but being offensive about it, so how about "receiving" it?) and I'll also very much enjoy the change of pace and places along with those events, as that almost always helps being creative and working for a better common future for all of us!

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