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German-Language Planet Mozilla is here!

It started as an idea, but now it's live:

A "planet" of aggregated blogs from the German-speaking part of the Mozilla community!

You'll find it at planet.mozilla.de - and it still needs a lot more people to be added.

So, if you are a part of the Mozilla community and running your own blog that features posts in German and what you are working on in Mozilla, please file a bug and I'll get your feed added.

Note that the same basic rule applies as for the official Planet Mozilla: it's basically up to you what feed you give us (as long as the posts are in German language), but we'd like to show the whole personalities of the individuals in our community, so you don't have to confine this to strictly Mozilla-only posts - we appreciate the lives of people around here to be richer than one single topic! :)

Ich hoffe, wir lesen uns am deutschsprachingen Planet Mozilla! ;-)

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