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Weekly Status Report, W47/2010

Here's a summary of SeaMonkey/Mozilla-related work I've done in week 47/2010 (November 22 - 28, 2010):

It was exciting for me this time to see a SeaMonkey release being generated without myself actually doing much except for some "hand-holding" over IRC, thanks to Callek for this work - and yes, I hope things will run smoother in the future, we don't always run into multiple errors from the automation harness. ;-)

While I'm using my N810 a lot these days to ssh into my desktop and reboot it when the graphics driver acts up, garbles the screen and makes the computer not react to any keyboard or mouse action any more, it looks like the screen's flex connector of the device has been slightly damaged (nothing is visible) and it badly reacts to any touch event any more. I read about people who had that problem while there was still some guarantee on the device and they got the display assembly changed - but after 2.5 years, I guess the life time of this device as a take-with-me-everywhere things is coming to and end. Unfortunately, the MeeGo phone I had hoped to be available at this time isn't here, and neither is a really decent MeeGo tablet (and I only want a device with a really open system, even Android is too closed for me - and I'd hope it can run Fennec 4, of course). I guess I'll have to live with substandard trickery to get anything out of the N810 for some time - or I get a really cheap N900 from somewhere. Of course, Nokia could just send me a prototype MeeGo phone for beta testing (I know they have such a device - a not too large tablet would do it as well), but where do I apply for that (I love testing unfinished software, reporting bugs and maybe looking into some thing myself, you know)?

All in all, I know things could be much better in many things I'm involved with, and I know the future will bring substantial improvements, I just can't await the next steps that show that - and I really want to be a part of it and help to make it true! :)

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