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Weekly Status Report, W51/2010

Here's a summary of SeaMonkey/Mozilla-related work I've done in week 51/2010 (December 20 - 26, 2010):

Most of this week was filled with me taking time offline and celebrating Christmas with my parents, grandparents, brother, etc. - it's always good to spend some time with family and get your mind off work for a change (as much as that works), and I'll continue to take some time off in the next weeks.

With that, I hope you had or have some calm time yourself and can harness some energy to put into projects that help a lot of people - like Mozilla - in the upcoming year!

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Tony Mechelynck

from Brussels, Belgium

New language packs
Also (and probably no work of yours, but still nice to see), I notice that the number of UI languages for SeaMonkey 2.1b2pre is still growing: Polish a few days ago, and IIUC two variants of Japanese (ja and ja-JP-mac) today, for a total of 18 including en-US. :-)
2010-12-28 03:47


About build system...

I wouldn't write about this... , but I've almost just known about that one of fast browsers (named with O.) already has PGO about 2 years (!)... I started read about what it is and tested some FF pgo builds ... Yes, it really increases performance up from 10% !!!
But this takes double time to build (( , because of twice building structure...
Therefore it could be great twice a week or even one time a week for build imho.

Robert, Tony , please, come up something about PGO builds of SeaMonkkey 2.1x , may be is it possible be at least automated weeklies with PGO ?
>10% enforcement - is a very sweet piece of speed !!!

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2010-12-29 09:15


And I forgot :) , wish to you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year celebrating !
2010-12-29 10:38



Dove: For one thing, PGO takes double the time to build than normal builds, then it's not clear how much gain it brings for SeaMonkey (we don't have good perf numbers for normal builds, so no good comparison possible), then it's worth nothing without a good profiling script (Firefox has one that just tests/optimizes browser startup), and then we are deploying a number of other measures in the 2.1 series that should improve startup and overall speed anyhow (JaegerMonkey, omnijar, and many smaller things). Not sure how we compare with others, but I'd like to see some reliable and reproducable performance test data.
2010-12-31 18:33


There is only ones pgo buils to test I've found. And I cannot test these ones because they're pgo sse2 (((, but I've got only sse with my AthlonXP (((
So you could test it, from here. I hope it will be much faster even then 10% ... .

Could I ask the creator (from forum of moztw.org) for contacts with you (via email ?) about help to tune auto-building process ?

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2011-01-02 12:11



I'm pretty sure it would be way less then 10% win for us. Also, please don't send me any contacts - for one thing, we know how to create PGO builds, we just don't have machine power and time to do any. For the other, I am trying to cut down my own work on SeaMonkey, not load additional tasks on my shoulders. Feel free to bring this up with the wider SeaMonkey team on newsgroups, etc. though.

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2011-01-02 14:29

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