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Contracting for Mozilla!

A few months ago, I stated that my personal priorities are changing - and the more I've been thinking about my and SeaMonkey's future, I saw that I really want to go where innovation is and the future of the open web is being built and not just consumed - and the more I tried to look at things with a hypothetical Firefox hat on, the more I felt like that would be where I wanted to be. It feels better for me to think about proposals I read about in terms of "what does this mean for Mozilla as a whole" rather than "what does this mean for SeaMonkey". I feel more at home in those terms as well as bringing Firefox and the open web forward - even if I'm still deeply into SeaMonkey for the moment.

Given all that, I started to shift a number of my responsibilities in the SeaMonkey project over to other people - like Callek for release engineering, for example - and I'm working on more in that area. In the end, I probably want to end up only having the German localization and the comm-central build system ownership left, as well as being one of the members of the SeaMonkey Council - for now. But there's still some way to go there, and I'm trying to make this a smooth, step-by-step process so that the SeaMonkey project can come out as strong or even stronger than before from this period.

At the same time - and here's the meat of this post as well as something that has been brewing for a while - I'm starting to get my feet wet in different areas. Starting today, I'm officially working for Mozilla part of my time - for now, this means contracting on a roughly 3-month project I'm working on half-time, but I hope this proves to be a fruitful relationship that has some great times still to come.

My work within Mozilla is positioned in the general area of program management - the concrete project I will be working on in the upcoming months is putting together a strategy for Socorro (the crash stats system we're using). I will not work on the code, but rather work with the Socorro team and the other Mozilla managers and developers to find a roadmap for what the developers will work on in the following months that will bring some additional perspective of how to use the crash system to help enable people to make product release decisions, and not just around analyzing specific crash bugs. There is a lot of work here to consolidate the over 400 change requests and bugs that have built up around the Socorro system, and create some more details specs for some of the more intricate areas that will help us to build systems that help to understand our crash data better, and how to use it more effectively. I can definitely use suggestions across the entire community of how we can meet this goal more effectively.

The positive side in terms of a transition for myself is that Socorro affects all Mozilla applications and I have some experience (even if not too much) in looking at it and seeing what this system is actually about. Also, having release management experience for a Mozilla project and having been following discussions of Firefox release managers as well as the security group helps in having insights into what is in the focus when it comes to looking at crash reports and statistics.

For me personally, I have dubbed this project "Veridian 3" and in the first round of bug triage I'll be doing, my internal tags will start off with "V3" because of that - but this name will probably not leak outside my private use, for other people's sanity. ;-)

There's a good amount of intense work ahead and some things I'm not used to like reporting to a specific person or making plans other people are actually paid to work on, but I'm confident to master those and come out with having my part in helping us all to have a better crash stats system.

So be prepared to see me appearing somewhat less in the usual places but instead in some new areas in the near future! :)

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    Kyle Huey

    Resistance is futile
    Welcome to the dark side :-P

    I'm glad to see that you're finding a different role in the community rather than leaving it.

    Last edited by KaiRo at 2011-02-16 16:44

    2011-02-16 14:45


    Welcome home!
    Let me be the first to congratulate you and Mozilla on this move.

    I know you for quite a long time, I believe it may be close to 10 years now since you invited me to MLP project (Mozilla Localization Project). Many things have changed, but some stayed, like the ability of Mozilla project to attract and benefit from the work of the most experienced and active community members.

    You've been there when Mozilla was dreaming about its first market share percent point, and you carry a lot of experience from how the community and the project shaped up. It's a unique value that I believe can make us stronger with you on board.
    I know it won't be that easy, the Mozilla has changed since then and some things that were certain (goal nr. 1? IE6 ;)) are not there anymore, but the core is the same, and I hope you'll enjoy the ride once again :)

    Welcome home, dude!
    2011-02-16 15:05


    from S'gravenhage, NL

    As I said on IRC, congrats !!!
    2011-02-16 15:21


    from Zurich

    A wise decision. I hope you will enjoy your new job :-)
    2011-02-16 20:46


    I've missed this news, shame on me. Mucho congrats!
    2011-02-28 20:39


    Die schlechten Nachrichten nehmen leider kein Ende:

    1. Robert verläßt Europa
    2. In der Steiermark hat es in der Karwoche keinen Schnee zum Schifoan mehr.
    2011-04-21 09:42



    Noch bin ich nicht weg :)
    2011-04-22 18:06

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