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Device Vendors: Think MeeGo Now!

If you're a mobile device (say, smartphone or tablet) creator (manufacturer, vendor), now is the best time for you to start making MeeGo your prime strategy!

Here's why:
About the only thing you need to give up is the "boom" effect of presenting the new device, as the community will know about it during development. But then, this even works well for a lot of software projects.

You instantly gain a fellowship of your products even when they're not out in the open yet, and people who are willing to help you to make the product a success. Which device manufacturer can say that?

I go, we go, you go MeeGo. Now.

Entry written by KaiRo and posted on February 12th, 2011 18:56 | Tags: MeeGo, mobile | 12 comments


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    You should ask yourself why nokia gave up this platform. It's not in production state yet and they doubt to get it to work soon.
    Same happened to vodafone/samsung with their 360 platform. It was released when it was not ready. After they realized it takes too long, they wrote off about 1 billion and stopped it.
    Currently the players are iOS, android, wp7 and maybe webos.
    2011-02-12 19:23


    KaiRo: too true, I totally agree with you.
    2011-02-12 19:34



    Quote of Pete:
    You should ask yourself why nokia gave up this platform.

    Nakia hasn't given it up yet, they only did put it on the backburner but still said they will release a device with it later this year. Now you should ask yourself why they are doing this is WP7 is as ready as you call it and if manufacturers don't want a more open system, as some people claim.
    2011-02-12 19:41

    Jon Pritchard

    from UK

    Kairo, I wish I could agree with you, but just look at the statements from the Linux Foundation and Intel: they are shocked.

    Nokia have kicked MeeGo into the long-grass giving indeterminable dates and information on the 'device' they say they will release. However, they said they'd release a MeeGo handset last year, so I don't have confidence.

    MeeGo will carry on, I think, but not on handsets.

    I wish it were otherwise, I was waiting in anticipation and thought it was going to have a good strategy.
    2011-02-12 21:56

    Kelly Clowers

    from Seattle

    Real Linux on my phone, please
    All I know is there is no way my first smartphone (or subsequent ones, if I can help it) is going to run Android. I really hope some more decent phones come out with Meego, or better, Maemo, or the community manages to get them fully operation on one or more Android phones. If the situation continues to look bad, I'll buy an n900 and use that as long as possible.
    2011-02-12 22:16

    Anonymous guest

    I agree with Kelly Clowers.
    If nothing happen with MeeGo on cellphones, I will go for n900.
    Actually I was planning to buy it these days, but when I saw this news yesterday I have changed my mind.

    For now, there is no better OS then Maemo for cellphones.
    2011-02-13 01:09


    Don't use Nokia as reference
    People still believe you can sell your soul to MS without abandoning something hot/explosive as only real linux usable on devices?

    I mean there are people saying "if it was great, nokia wouldn't". please, really.

    It is time for Intel to find a real, non corrupt partner who isn't busy slowly dying. Especially netbook segment first.
    2011-02-13 02:04


    To expand on your last point: if you make an open device, at least as open as the N900 rather than just as open as the average Android phone, then you have an army of people wanting an open phone that currently feel left out in the cold by Nokia. Treat them right and they'll say "Nokia who?".
    2011-02-13 03:39


    Seriously. It isn't about the viability of MeeGo as OS. Obviously - and I don't know how much more obvious this could be - a precondition for Microsoft would be the scuttling of MeeGo. Linux is the specter haunting Microsoft for a very long time now, and Meego is as close as it's ever come to upsetting the whole proprietary OS applecart. That whooshing sound you heard was a huge sigh of relief coming out of Redmond.
    2011-02-13 05:18


    from London

    SOB case
    SOB = Stephen owed Ballmer

    I admit, stupid comment. but also the deal was stupid. meego was just becoming and is 100x more fancy than windows would be.
    2011-02-13 06:10

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