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I'm On Diaspora Now!

I'm happy to be on diaspora* now, the decentralized, privacy-aware social network!

If you're on there as well, you might want to connect at my profile (yes, I know, the picture is cropped suboptimally, I'll look for a better one when I find the time).

As the whole system is not finished yet, the installation ("pod") of the original creators is in an invite-only alpha phase at this time (the code is open and anyone can set up his/her own pod, though). I have 5 invites for the "original" joindiaspora.com pod to hand out to people, please send me a note if you want one.

(Update: I'd like to give invites to people I know - if I don't know you yet, give me a good reason why I should! :) )

I hope this system or a comparable one will be successful with time, as we certainly can need a solution that is less of a walled garden than Facebook...

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You may send an invite to me ;)
2011-02-28 00:57


privacy aware social network seems a bit like an oxymoron

Free? Open source? Definitely (and that's a good thing), but "Share what you want, with who you want" is a false sense of security. If it wasn't in the days of gossip and hearsay, it definitely is in the age of copy & paste and profile crawling.
2011-02-28 07:33


from ireland

Can I have an invite please :)
Could I have an invite ? would love to try this social network before everyone else :D

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2011-02-28 10:04


from Porto

Invite Please?
This is like Facebook when it first appeared: you can only see stuff if you have an account.


Except even though I signed up for an invite LOOONG ago, I don't have none... So, I don't know how it works, and I hate to take advantage of the-free-internets-of-the-free-comments like this, but if anyone'd kindly send me an invite or something of the sort for tiago.morbus.sa@gmail.com, I'd much appreciate it.
2011-02-28 20:00


from Bay Area

Excellent, invite
Invite me please. It's insane that just to share private media and comments with certain groups of people we know, all of whom have powerful smartphones and routers that are on 24 hours a day, we instead upload it all to a central privacy-abusing company. I want something like Diaspora running on my FreedomBox operating peer-to-peer with my contacts, then powerful local web pages can assemble photo albums, comment streams, discussions, out of the data.

@csf, cutting out the central privacy-abusing company OBVIOUSLY has the potential to be more secure.
2011-03-02 00:25


Hello, how did you reached an invitation?
I'm trying for weeks to get invitation via joindiaspora.com but there's silence nothing more!

Could you help?
I'm so interested in this project @.@

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2011-03-07 11:59


from Washington

Diaspora Invite
I think that everyone should be given a chance to own their own data, not let someone else claim it. I would love to be involved in the Diaspora community.
2011-03-14 09:11



Ed: Unfortunately, I don't have any invites left, I used up all five I had for the moment.
2011-03-31 01:04

Mostafijur Rahaman

from lucknow,india

request for diaspora invitation
pls send me a diaspora invitation at mostafijur.rahman75@gmail.com
2011-08-01 02:06



Now you don't need an invitation any more, I think, just go to https://joindiaspora.com/ and enter your email, I think that should do it.

If not, comment again here and I'll invite you.
2011-08-01 19:03

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