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Weekly Status Report, W11/2011

Here's a summary of SeaMonkey/Mozilla-related work I've done in week 11/2011 (March 14 - 20, 2011):

It's exciting times: Firefox 4 is being released tomorrow! This doesn't only mean the Mozilla project shipping a lot of the work that has been going on in the last year and more to the majority of users out there, it also means (due to a decision made today) that crash-stats will probably be processing more crash reports than ever before on a single day while this release actually should be more stable than its predecessors - and it also means that the platform SeaMonkey 2.1 builds upon is now officially regarded "stable" and "everything" for the project left to do is finishing up the work on the last SeaMonkey-specific pieces, ship Beta 3 and soon thereafter the release candidate that hopefully will just be converted to the actual final release! :)

Hmm, I'm almost out of breath after this last sentence (actually, just kidding) and still shivering of excitement. Let's cheer for tomorrow and for another great step in the Mozilla project! ;-)

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I've just used OpenSearch box... and i'm very very glad to see this:

I've set OpenSearch engine to Whiskypedia, but location bar searches (with up arrow) are still made with Google.

I'm sure many people won't like this "inconsistency", but it's the way you can use 2 engines at the same time, without changing anything.

I hate search box in Ff, pushing you to change engine whenever you need it. Always present, stealing space. And i love SM location bar, which allows to search without any search box.

Never change this behaviour, please. It's GREAT!

And thanks for your work.
2011-03-22 18:36


Fix bug 638994 before SM 2.1 final release
KaiRo, make sure somebody on the Seamonkey team investigates and fixes bug 638994 before Seamonkey 2.1 reaches final release:
I've been having that problem since Seamonkey 2.1 beta 2 and it's an annoying problem.
2011-03-23 23:52

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