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State Of The Map Europe conference is coming!

As I just came home from another planning meeting for it, I realize I should actually blog about this event as well. ;-)

Vienna, Austria, is hosting the first ever State Of The Map Europe conference ("SotM-EU") this July (15th-17th)!

This event will be a gathering point for a significant part of mainly (but not only) the European OpenStreetMap (OSM) community - at least of a number of "hard core" contributors who are willing to travel to and even pay for coming together in this way. We will have 2 main tracks with ~50 talks going on in three days, headed by keynotes coming from Steve Coast, the founder of OSM, and Muki Haklay, a London researcher.

If you're an OpenStreetMap contributor or heavily interested in the project and its dynamics and you have been looking for a good excuse to visit Vienna for a long time, here's your chance - Registration is open!
(Sorry, we need to charge a moderate registration fee as we're a non-profit and don't have nearly enough sponsoring to not make money a problem - hint: if you know a good sponsor, we could always need a few more.)

For now, I think I'm the only Mozillian on the attendees list - I'd hope that will change before the event actually takes place, given the common interest of our projects in open and innovative data on the Internet! :)

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