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Weekly Status Report, W15/2011

Here's a short summary of SeaMonkey/Mozilla-related work I've done in week 15/2011 (April 11 - 17, 2011):

Hey, I promise, I'll get better again on those! Seriously, this one is 6 days late, but I hope I'll have the one for this one tomorrow as it should be.

For the week this report is on, I spent Monday through Thursday of that week in Mozilla's offices in Mountain View, and I really saw how helpful it is to have coworkers directly around you, getting into talks and idea exchanges, clearing up some proposals and views in person so implementations can go forward more efficiently, doing meetings face to face to get to resolutions more effectively, and similar things. Unfortunately, after spending Friday and Saturday with some shopping and sightseeing, I needed to catch a plane back home to go back to the solitude of working from home. As nice as some aspects of working from your own apartment are, as a quite social, open, and - yes - talkative person, I have done it long enough now that I'd really prefer feeling "part of the family" by having other people around in a common office. Oh, and the fact that I love the USA of course helps a lot in feeling comfortable there in California - I mean, I can switch on normal TV and hear all about how the Spurs are doing and if NFL players and owners might find an agreement, and in the end, I find even the political discussions more interesting than those in Austria - but maybe I just have heard too much of ours already and you get equally tried of the US ones after a few years. ;-)

That said, Callek pushed out SeaMonkey 2.1 Beta 3 late in the week before, make sure you check it out, as it's feature-complete, only needing some polish before it goes final. And if you're a localizer, note that it's now even in a string freeze, so this is a stable base to do your work to have your locale included in the final SeaMonkey 2.1 release, which should come very soon now!

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