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Weekly Status Report, W16/2011

Here's a short summary of SeaMonkey/Mozilla-related work I've done in week 16/2011 (April 17 - 24, 2011):

Most of this week was getting back home, catching up with backlogs from things I left behind when being in the US and then dealing with a cold that hit me in the latter part of the week. Thankfully, it was also a rather quiet week at Mozilla, probably because it was shortly after all-hands and Easter week as well, which some people seem to have user for getting off work for a bit. It's nice to see though that the recent week were also pretty calm in terms of crashes and Firefox 4.0.1 seems to be even a good improvement from 4.0 in that point as well, so I'm looking forward to many happy people on this really stable update. This would be even nicer if we didn't have malware and "security" software both crashing us in strange ways at times, but we're working with vendors of the latter at least to improve the situation (it's harder to work on the malware situation, though, and I keep thinking about it).

All in all, I seem to have mostly recovered from both my backlogs and the cold now, though, so I'm eager to get to more work!

That said, a talk of mine at the "Linuxwochen Wien" FLOSS conference in Vienna has been approved, on Saturday, May 7th, at 5pm, I will give a presentation on "What Happens When Firefox Crashes?" (Actually "Was passiert, wenn Firefox abstürzt?" as it will be in German) in their main track, just before the closing event. I hope I'll be able to give the audience some insights into how their crash report submissions get treated and analyzed by us and how they enable us to make their browser more stable.

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