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Weekly Status Report, W19/2011

Here's a short summary of SeaMonkey/Mozilla-related work I've done in week 19/2011 (May 9 - 15, 2011):

We're surely in exciting times, things around me at least are moving fast nowadays - from devoting my full work time to one of the most amazing (or awesome?) organizations in this world via my friends at SeaMonkey shipping the release candidate for the final 2.1 version (and hoping it can be converted to the final release straight away once it's tested enough) to the new fast release process really taking off with the next "train" about to leave and the "beta" channel starting to get populated with post-4.0 builds. And great stuff landing on the trees for those next versions as well! I'm in the middle of progress and innovation for the Open Web - and I love it! :)

And dear reader, don't forget to support all that by testing Aurora and/or SeaMonkey 2.1 (current in RC)!

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SM 2.1 RC2 builds available
I now see candidate builds of Seamonkey 2.1 RC2 posted today on the Mozilla FTP site. Looks like the final release of Seamonkey 2.1 will be pushed back several days, perhaps around Memorial Day weekend.
2011-05-22 06:01


FF 5.0
FF 5 is behind the door (24.06.2011); will Seamonkey 2.2 see the world with FF 5? or will arrive latter again ?
2011-05-24 23:46


SM 2.2 will be based on FF 6.0
@Thiago: Seamonkey 2.2 will be based on Firefox 6.0, not 5.0. I know because I'm beta testing a recent SM 2.2a1pre nightly build and it identifies itself as version 6.0a1. So, no, Seamonkey 2.2 will not be released around the same time Firefox 5.0 comes out in late June.
2011-05-25 18:20

Justin Wood (Callek)

SeaMonkey .next[s]
Ok, official answer:

2.1 == Gecko 2 (Firefox 4)
2.2 == Gecko 5 (Firefox 5)
2.3 == Gecko 6 (Firefox 6)
2.4 == Gecko 7 (Firefox 7)

with the following caveat, "we reserve to right to change version numbers that correspond to our releases at our discretion"

But there will be releases to carry along with the various Gecko versions. The part that may have confused you, is that up until a week or so ago, we did not even have hourly builds on those other Gecko's, and even as I write this, Gecko 5,6 and 7 are all reporting as SeaMonkey 2.2 in version number.
2011-05-31 07:27

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