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Weekly Status Report, W25/2011

Here's a short summary of SeaMonkey/Mozilla-related work I've done in week 25/2011 (June 20 - 26, 2011):

A lot of things happened this week, including good and bad messaging in the press for Mozilla, as we held the promise to go for faster release cycles. There is a lot of hope, but also fear, uncertainty, and doubt out there, both in our community and the wider public. We need to address that, but I think we can. I'm excited about the new process because we have an unprecedented time of only stability and polish work on every release when they are in Aurora and even more in Beta stage, and we can really concentrate on doing good crash analysis and catching of nasty bugs there. For this release, we weren't yet confident to call it the most stable release of Firefox ever, but following this new process, we will soon be able to say that based on real data we have. I'm really looking forward to that and to being part of this great story.
And to everyone who still has fears, uncertainties and doubts about it, try to think about how you could embrace this new process of a lot of small steps and only after careful analysis and weighing against taking huge leaps with more time, where you are more prone to stumble when you finally move. Let's try to stay positive and think about how we can make things better on the base of what we have now instead of how a new thing could make some part of the world collapse. Let's stay positive and let's make this world more modern and replace doing revolutions after long times of stagnation with evolving more continuously instead. I believe that could help everyone :)

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Tony Mechelynck

from Brussels, Belgium

SeaMonkey l10n
Looking in ftp://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/seamonkey/nightly/latest-comm-central-trunk-l10n with the command-line ftp tool and doing directory listings with various choices of wildcards, I see the following:
  • *-i686.tar.bz2 and *.dmg dated today for all locales
  • *.installer exe dated either today or yesterday for all locales
  • NO *.xpi dated either today or yesterday (they're all dated June 27).
Is the latter normal?
2011-06-29 21:37



This is SeaMonkey, so I'm mostly not concerned with this nowadays, but this is probably due to the changes in the paths of nightlies and aurora builds, Callek should fix it. File a bug on SeaMonkey RelEng.
2011-06-29 22:04

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