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Weekly Status Report, W29/2011

Here's a short summary of SeaMonkey/Mozilla-related work I've done in week 29/2011 (July 18 - 24, 2011):

I'm pretty excited about BrowserID hitting the public now. We really need to work on making identity handling better for users (think fewer problems with remembering, forgetting and hacking passwords), but need to do it in a way that's easy to grasp for users (not confusing URLs like OpenID), decentralized (not like Facebook Connect or Google login everywhere), but also easy to implement for website so they adopt it reasonably. And it should be integrate-able into browsers so chances of spoofing are reduced and your browser can be your single-sign-on solution (if you like). The proposed BrowserID should provide all that, and probably more - and we're of course open for feedback to make this even better, we always are here at Mozilla. I really hope this solution or something coming from it will take off. We really need that on today's web.

We also need solutions for enabling web apps to be as good as traditional applications, for those to be delivered to people in some kind of collection/store/market or whatever you call it, and all that in open and decentralized ways - and Mozilla will work on all that and more with our spirit of following a mission of openness, innovation and opportunity on the web.

And meanwhile, I'll try to help making Firefox and other Mozilla software more stable, and I think that's also going well so far - but we need to get even better, as does the web as a whole, and that's what I'm working for. :)

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