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Weekly Status Report, W36-40/2011

It's been a long time since I last posted anything here, including a status report, due to various reasons, but I figure it's still good to have a record of what I worked - even for myself.

So, here's a short summary of Mozilla-related work I've done in weeks 36-40/2011 (September 5 - October 9, 2011):

Surrounding the Mozilla all-hands meeting in San Jose (where a mindboggling almost 600 people being paid by Mozilla gathered), working another week from the Bay Area and the comparatively tiny German community meetup, I didn't really get around to writing up those status reports, and I'm wondering how helpful it is in general to do those.
I obviously found it reasonable to do another one now, mostly because it's also nice for me to have some log of what I have achieved and what I spent my time with - but I wonder how useful those reports are nowadays to other readers of this blog, and if every week is the right format or if I should always combine multiple weeks in a report. Any opinions?

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Reporting : Philosofy and Cadency
Hi Kairo ... I find your blogposts interesting. Sometimes I learn reading them, some other times they are a bit complex or boring or it's probably me not having a good day. In any case, my opinion, I asume I am not the only one enjoying your reports, on the other hand , regarding to the blogposting cadence, maybe a weekly reporting is too much intensive, if you prefer reporting every two weeks or monthly ... is up to you. Whatever it makes you feel confortable may be ok. Regards.
2011-10-13 02:38

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