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Weekly Status Report, W47/2011

Here's a short summary of Mozilla-related work I've done in weeks 47/2011 (November 21 - 27, 2011):

I took a lot of time off work this week, as I'm following US holidays and Thursdays was Thanksgiving. It was good to recharge for a couple of days, given that I started going to bad phrasing again in expressing concerns over some parts of the native UI project for Fennec, but I hope those waters have calmed as much as I myself have now. I'm seeing that the base concerns are shared by others and are seriously being discussed, and that's a good sign. We'll end up with a good offer for Android phone users that represents Mozilla as much as possible given the constraints of the platform, and hopefully will make us credible in the mobile market. If we want complete success on mobile, I still think that B2G is even more compelling, but I think both offers will come out positioned well in their respective space.

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Miguel A. Torres

from Mexico

Support for older hardware
I've noticed that the system requirements for the releases have been increasing significantly over time to the point that newer releases don't even run in a fast Pentium 3 Tualatin computer.

When is people going to stop this nonsense? A piece of software should run in any computer, the speed of execution being the only difference. But breaking compatibility with older system just forces people to trash otherwise useful systems. The only group I've seen that respects this is Seamonkey as the latest release can work on any Pentium 1 systm.

Myself, I'm still running an ancient Socket 7 AMD K6-3 PC. Any software compiled for i686 doesn't work properly due the processor lacking CMOV instructions. Suprisingly, for general tasks such as light web browsing, music listening and even DVD watching, the performance is decent. Why should I trash it?
2011-12-04 17:56

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