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Weekly Status Report, W06-W07/2012

Here's a short summary of Mozilla-related work I've done in weeks 06-07/2012 (February 6 - 19, 2012):

I didn't get around to building this list last week, so I'm doing this report for both weeks at once. A lot of things is going on at Mozilla right now, and it looks a lot to me like we are shooting for a media big bang at Mobile World Congress. To not stir up too much, there seems to be nothing in there that isn't known in the community, it just looks like we are going to market a lot of things to the press and the mobile world at large there. Teams have been working on demos, e.g. for B2G, we're trying to get the new Firefox for Android in shape, the new brand for identity initiatives up until that date, etc. Should become an interesting event, let's hope we make some impact for open technology and standards on the web there!

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