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Weekly Status Report, W09/2012

Here's a short summary of Mozilla-related work I've done in week 09/2012 (February 27 - March 4, 2012):

Last week was pretty intense in terms of messages from Mozilla, with Boot to Gecko and Open Web Device, Mozilla Marketplace, Persona, Collusion, Firefox Flicks, maybe even more being announced and demonstrated. This is still only the beginning of the impact we're planning to make this year and beyond. "The web is the platform" is our central message in what we're doing right now, and we're working hard to make the people accessing the web be really in control of their experience and that their - our - privacy on that web is being respected. As Tron was "fighting for the user", Mozilla is fighting for openness, innovation and opportunity on the web, and that means both making the web an even better platform and basically the platform and ensuring that people are in control of their own privacy and experience on the web.

Look out for more to come in those areas in the next months, support us by using truly open standards and products (including our own) and help us in achieving those goals for the web and everyone connected to it!

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