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Life Cycle of a Firefox Crash - Video and Graph

You may have seen my blog post about The Life Cycle of a Crash some time ago.

On June 14, I talked about this at a Mozilla Brown Bag, and there is a video of this presentation up on Air Mozilla.

The slides for that talk are available as well.

And here's the graph on the Firefox Crash Life Cycle I used at the end of that talk:

Image No. 22660

Entry written by KaiRo and posted on July 6th, 2012 16:09 | Tags: CrashKill, Mozilla, Socorro, video | 3 comments | TrackBack



Rich Gray

crash reports with comments
Kairo: You said that only 20% of FF crash reports get processed as a means of throttling the data. If a user bothers to comment, does that report always get processed? (Since I'm running SeaMonkey, I know my reports will get processed ;) Of course, I haven't see a crash in a long while :) :)
2012-07-06 18:46

Robert Helmer

from USA

re: crash reports with comments
Rich - http://crash-stats.mozilla.org (aka Socorro) processes 10% of incoming crashes from the Firefox release channel, and also any crash containing a comment.

You can see the rules here:
2012-07-07 08:42

Rahim Hankin

from Newcastle

Thank you Kairo
Thanks. It's a really interesting graph.
2012-07-09 19:55

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