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Songs In My Head

Many days I wake up and after a few minutes I realize there's a song in my head, often I don't get that one out for the rest of the day. In many cases, that's a song I heard the day before, or I've been singing in the Karaoke bar that night. In some cases, it's a song that I haven't heard for ages (like "Crash! Boom! Bang!" by Roxette some time a few weeks ago), or even one where it takes me some time to figure out what song it is at all (like the one spinning around in my mind today, I still wonder what it is, even though I'm sure I know it).

I'm particularly proud if what sticks that much is a song I've written myself (recently had that with one called "Where I Belong"). After all, if it has qualities to hold on to my (probably subconscious) mind like that, it's likely not that bad a song after all. :)

Of course that's different from song even coming to me while dreaming - I have written at least one or two songs where major parts of them were there in my last dream before waking up, and I needed to race to write something of them down to not lose them on the way of fully waking up. That's sometimes the tricky part - making sure that an inspiration from a dream makes it over into the waking world.
Interestingly, with those songs in my head, they're usually not there in a dream but manifest themselves only after being fully awake. (Still fascinating to me how our minds work, and how little we know about it on a really scientific level.)

I wonder if I'll find out what song this is that I have wandering around in my head today - I know it's Country Music, multiple voices with female lead, fast and energetic... Well, I hear that part of the song in my mind repeatedly, I just don't remember what the actual song is...

And as long as I don't go and listen to such a song that occupies my thoughts, it usually holds a pretty tight grab on it...

Update: I guess "Wanna Take You Home" by Gloriana is reasonably near to what spooks me today, and that makes sense as I just bought that CD recently.

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from North Pole

Music diary
For a while my mom kept a diary of the songs she woke up to each morning. She would sit and the piano and work out the pitches and then put it into musipedia to find out the name of the song in her head.

She only took a couple years of piano as a teenager, but with a little coaching from me she was able to find out the name of several mystery songs that bugged her each morning.
2012-08-25 04:52

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