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February 27th, 2011

I'm On Diaspora Now!

I'm happy to be on diaspora* now, the decentralized, privacy-aware social network!

If you're on there as well, you might want to connect at my profile (yes, I know, the picture is cropped suboptimally, I'll look for a better one when I find the time).

As the whole system is not finished yet, the installation ("pod") of the original creators is in an invite-only alpha phase at this time (the code is open and anyone can set up his/her own pod, though). I have 5 invites for the "original" pod to hand out to people, please send me a note if you want one.

(Update: I'd like to give invites to people I know - if I don't know you yet, give me a good reason why I should! :) )

I hope this system or a comparable one will be successful with time, as we certainly can need a solution that is less of a walled garden than Facebook...

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