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Weekly Status Report, W17/2007

As SeaMonkey continues to be my primary source of income, I feel I should give the community some feedback about what I'm doing for the project in return for the money German users are channeling to me through their Google ad clicks.

This was one of the reasons why I created this blog and started posting various news about SeaMonkey here - but reading the weekly MoFo status reports of F. Hecker, Gerv and Zak, I realized it's interesting to see what's going on in those organizational areas, and doing most SeaMonkey organizational work, it might be interesting to community members to get a glance on that as well (comment if you think otherwise or you want to know more about some specific SeaMonkey behind-the-scenes topics).

So, here's what I've been doing in week 17, 2007 (April 23 - 29):
Tasks without progress I want to work on next week:

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    Jon Pritchard

    from United Kingdom

    Love the status updates

    I just wanted to say that I really appreciate the time you're taking to keep SeaMonkey users informed with your status updates.

    Is your CBSM page available in English?
    2007-04-30 16:31



    Thanks, good to know those updates are useful.

    And no, I haven't done an English version of the CBSM page(s) yet, though the system itself works in both English and German.
    2007-05-01 19:06

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