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QA wanted for 1.1.2 and 1.0.9 candidates

On the road the upcoming SeaMonkey 1.1.2 and 1.0.9 releases, which are due in sync with Firefox and and currently targeted for May 22nd, we once again need people to help testing the candidate builds.

Candidates for 1.0.9 are up on ftp.m.o already, 1.1.2 candidates are being mirrored to those machines at the moment and should be available there within the hour.

If you wonder what changes there have been since 1.1.1/1.0.8, you can get a rough buglist for 1.1.2 from Bugzilla, as well as a rough buglist for 1.0.9 - note that those lists may exclude security bugs that may stay hidden from the public at least until those versions get officially released.
Even without those, we have well over 200 fixes in the codebase in the 1.1.2 timeframe and 100 fixes in the 1.0.9 timeframe (not all listed fixes are actually in the SeaMonkey code), so we should test those builds quite well.

If you have some time left, please help doing smoketests on all 3 primary platforms, so we can be sure to have a chance to fix regressions and keep delivering high-quality software to our users!

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