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SeaMonkey dev watches

While working on buiding candidates for the upcoming SeaMonkey releases, I realized I need to watch CVS tags in pre-release times so I don't miss to update our release tags and candidates whenever a new Firefox/Gecko RC is made/tagged.

As I don't like to manually do that (I'm sure I'd forget to do it), I figured it might be a good idea to make a small webtool to check client.mk for tags and display them - and I have that SeaMonkey Dev page from logo contest times anyways.

While I was at it, I also added our bug radar queries - and then I found it might be nice to get a bug list from the bonsai changes of the last 48 hours as well as a list of the last filed bugs in the SeaMonkey Bugzilla product. All that ended up at the front page of http://dev.seamonkey.at/ now, and all watches are updated 4 times a day as the server load allows. I'll use this for sure, at least around release times - if someone else finds it useful as well, feel free to take advantage of that tool!

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