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Weekly Status Report, W46/2007

Another week has passed, and here's a short summary of the SeaMonkey/Mozilla-related work I've done in week 46/2007 (November 12 - 18):
I heard some concern about slow progress on SeaMonkey 2, and that's understandable from a user's point of view, as most users don't see the work that is happening right now for this future release. We hope we can provide an Alpha fairly soon (still no exact timeframe or requirements document for that) and from that preview, we will narrow down fixes until 2.0 final in a more visible pace, I think. Going from SeaMonkey 1.x to 2.0 is a very big step though, one that 2.5 years ago most people in the Mozilla project would not have believed we can even achieve in our new project. We have come a long way on this road and I'm pretty sure people will see the suite thrive with the changes we have done and are still doing in this development cycle. Just be patient a bit longer or backup your data and dare to test a quite experimental nightly builds, and you will see it's definitely worth the wait.
If you can do neither, read my recent Progress and help-wanted on SeaMonkey 2 post to get an impression of where we are going right at this moment. We are moving on, but we need some time to get this stable enough for regular use. Grant us that time and be rewarded with the best Internet suite ever produced.

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