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Weekly Status Report, W33/2008

Here's a summary of SeaMonkey/Mozilla-related work I've done in week 33/2008 (August 11 - 17, 2008):

As a fun side project, I have started work on a new version of my old "Mandelbrot" application I did for my final paper in school, back then in Visual Basic. The application renders images of the Mandelbrot set fractal, the original application had nice zoom functionality and could even render the very similarly calculated family of Julia set fractals.
The difference this time is that this is a XULRunner application, rendering images into a <canvas> HTML element.
After getting rid of a number of early bugs in my code, this is (a thumbnail of) the first image I rendered with the color palette I ported from my old code:
Image No. 20151
The application is still quite primitive and unfortunately the JavaScript/canvas combination isn't the fastest way to do the math and paint the picture - the default 300x300 overview picture currently takes ~90 seconds of one of my Conroe cores being busy until it displays. When I get farther down the road with what I want from this app, I probably will open-source the code under the tri-license. This is mainly an educational project for me to learn how to do such a XULRunner app. Don't expect a finished app and/or something to try out yourself too soon though, this is just a fun side project - my main focus is of course on SeaMonkey!

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    Anonymous guest

    FF tabBrowser API for SM2. Please !!!
    Hello, Robert !
    Very nice to hear that SM became more compatible for FF extensions...
    -like plans for SessionRestore and places support. Yes - it's very powerfull...
    But there's exist another thing that can't be leaved ... It's tabs.
    Many users of FF use tabs and even more - power tabs - with a lot of exensions(for example - TabMixPlus and many, many more).
    Plus with that - a lot of extensions use FF tabs - FF-tabBrowser extension API...
    So, please , would you please start skipping for SM2 to FF-tabBrowser API... It will so powerfull for extension compatibility and usability for SM ...
    Even multizilla, that not be updated a lot of time and even isn't working fine now - it plans a verson for FF-tabBrowser API ...
    Thank you at advance.
    2008-08-18 04:18



    Adding such comments for feature requests on my blog doesn't help. I don't implement any real functionality in code. Please use newsgroups and bug reports for feedback and issues.
    2008-08-18 18:19


    Cool. What about rewriting the code in pure HTML+JS and then donating it to one of the benchmark suites?
    2008-08-19 14:39

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