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Weekly Status Report, W36/2008

Here's a summary of SeaMonkey/Mozilla-related work I've done in week 36/2008 (September 1 - 7, 2008):

We are freezing all SeaMonkey-specific code today, September 9, at midnight PST for SeaMonkey 2 Alpha 1. There is a small number of open blockers but most of those are near completion. Getting all the preference panels ported to the new prefwindow was a huge effort, and it did really go fast and well nearing this deadline, huge thanks to everyone involved in this effort!
Starting with this freeze deadline, only patches with approval-seamonkey2.0a1+ or fixes for blocking-seamonkey2.0a1+ bugs are allowed to be pushed into SeaMonkey-specific code. We can't freeze MailNews or the platform but we hope we can pick a relatively stable point of those to cut the alpha once all blockers are fixed - I hope this can be in about a week. We're really knocking on the Alpha's door now.

That said, I'll probably not be online much at the end of this week, celebrating my 30th birthday on Saturday. But no fear, I was told there's life beyond 30, so I'll probably be back and going strong after this weekend!
I'll keep on rollin' with the flow...

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from France

Happy birthday
I can confirm, there is life after 30 years. (RESOLVED - VERIFIED) ;-)
2008-09-10 00:48

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