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Weekly Status Report, W11/2009

Here's a summary of SeaMonkey/Mozilla-related work I've done in week 11/2009 (March 9 - 15, 2009):

I'm quite excited about the download manager stuff at this time, as it looks like we finally get in the position to drop one of the last pieces of old, unmaintained xpfe infrastructure and use well-maintained toolkit code instead, with our own UI on top of it, which is in the line of the old suite UI but with good improvements - and it's one of the largest pieces of UI/code that I have largely written myself, with assistance of MDC and XULPlanet as well as old xpfe and new toolkit code, but very little copy and paste.
In addition, once those patches are finished, reviewed and can be checked in, our L10n builds will become fully functional, which is another major milestone for SeaMonkey 2!

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from The US

It's good to know that 1.1.15 is coming. I was just thinking it has been a while since an update was issued (after hearing CNN recommend everyone to upgrade their browsers today). It was also odd seeing you write about 1.1.16-pre the other day, when 1.1.15 isn't even out yet. I thought that might be yet another skipped release.

I look forward to updating to 1.1.15, since as I indicated in my review of 2.0-alpha 3 (which didn't show up in the Trackbacks; I don't know if the trackback didn't send or if you just didn't approve it), there are still a few things that aren't quite right in 2.0.
2009-03-18 01:38

Alfred Kayser

from Netherlands

LittleMonkey theme is updated for SM 2.0a
Hello Robert,

This message is just to tell that LittleMonkey theme is updated for SM 2.0a3!
It contains all the fixes that I also made for Gecko 1.9.1 and the other 1.9.1 products (FF3.1b, TB3.0b).
By the way, good progress on SeaMonkey 2.0, it is becoming a solid product.

Greetings, Alfred Kayser
2009-03-18 07:02

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