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Weekly Status Report, W30/2009

Here's a summary of SeaMonkey/Mozilla-related work I've done in week 30/2009 (July 20 - 26, 2009):

The SeaMonkey 2.0 Beta 1 release seems to go well so far. We have received reports of a few minor regressions, which we are working on, but almost all of the feedback is quite good. So far, we have over 13,000 tracked downloads for this beta and the numbers are growing (somewhat more slowly than at other times because of the holiday season). The media reports I saw are fairly OK, though the note comes through that we're not up to feature parity with Firefox 3.5 and Thunderbird 3 on all accounts, which we know, but we also should be doing better there than SeaMonkey 1.1.x in comparison to Firefox 2.0 and Thunderbird 2.0, so we are on the right track.
Actually, there are only two major features we miss that we want to ship in SeaMonkey 2.0 that are not present in this beta yet, and that is tabbed mail and a reworked Mac theme. Both are being worked on right now, in their final touches and review phase, and hopefully landing soon. Other than that, all that's left is making the experience rounder and fixing some annoyances and bugs, everything else is topping on the cake.
SeaMonkey 2.0 Beta 1 already works and feel so much better than 1.1.x in so many ways that it's really time for us to push for releasing as soon as we can, even if that means pushing some nice-to-have things to the next version. We don't have to be concerned about not doing everything in 2.0, as this version already more than warrants its major version jump. There will be a next release after it that can improve many more things, and the solid add-ons platform even makes 2.0 able to be improved a lot by itself.
I hope everyone of you will support and help us to get a great final as soon as reasonably possible for us!

As a side note, thanks to Matthias "matti" Versen for caring about out add-ons blocklist and trying it keep it up to date in the future!

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Nice work
Beta 1 is nice, but for me is two blocking things:
- webdeveloper extension can't install
- pinball mozilla theme is not ported yet, see: http://mozilla-themes.schellen.net/
2009-07-28 21:48



Radek, both of those are nothing we can fix, only the developers of those add-ons can get them working with this beta.
2009-07-28 22:14

Jon Pritchard

from UK

Partial Updates?
Does Seamonkey 2.0 Beta 1 have the ability to upgrade the browser when there's a minor update, instead of having to reinstall?

Going to be installing this on my sister's computer tomorrow, she's been waiting to see the new Suiterunner work.
2009-07-29 02:42



Yes, we have the same update capability as Firefox built in now, and what I'm talking about in the post about updates ("Release Process" topic) is about that system already being in work for people upgrading from the alphas to the new beta. :)
2009-07-29 14:12


from Glasgow, UK

Radek: I emailed the author of the Pinball theme and he says he's working on updating it for SM2 at the moment.
2009-07-29 18:54


from Ru

>>>I emailed the author of the Pinball theme and he says he's working on updating it for SM2 at the moment.

I was going to email to him. :) Thank you for a good news.

Replacement for a Multizilla is not so easy then. unfortunately :(
2009-07-29 19:30


from Czech republic

I dig into webdeveloper extension and in install.rdf I replaced in section
maxVersion for


and extension is installed and look working, but is it unoficial and unsuppported by autor (he does not support beta version), so this is only workaround.
2009-07-30 00:41

Tony Mechelynck

from Brussels, Belgium

@Radek: Have you checked the "Debug&QA" component (built-in extension in nightly and hourly Sm2 builds, probably not in release builds)? It adds two menus ("Debug" and "QA"), with a number of submenus, just before the "Help" menu in the browser. (I haven't tested the webdeveloper addon so I don't know how they compare. All I have to go by is the name.)

To get it, you "may" have to switch to nightlies: download and install one as the full archive (.zip or installer for W32, .tar.bz2 for L*x, .dmg for Mac) then turning on update checking should get you the next nightly every day IIUC what KaiRo wrote above.

Where to get Sm2 nightlies: http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/seamonkey/nightly/latest-comm-1.9.1/ then select what is appropriate for your en-US installation, or the same but ending in /latest-comm-1.9.1-l10n/ for other languages.

The latest Sm1 and Sm2 release builds are of course linked from http://www.seamonkey-project.org/ (for Sm2 you may have to scroll down).
2009-08-02 19:32

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