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Weekly Status Report, W31/2009

Here's a summary of SeaMonkey/Mozilla-related work I've done in week 31/2009 (July 27 - August 2, 2009):
This Tuesday, Beta 1 has surpassed the ~18,500 downloads we had for Alpha 1 - just that the first alpha had two months of lifetime as the newest development release to gather that amount, while the first beta had two weeks to get up to the same number.

Also, we get repeated reports of Beta 1 working at least as stable as 1.1.x for people, most of the problems people have seem to be related to migration of profiles or regressions we are working on (or even have already fixed in current nightlies). All in all, things seem to go well with the first beta.

As for the second beta, the code freeze for it will also mean feature freeze for the whole 2.0 series, so we need to get the two large missing features - the new Mac theme and tabbed mail - in before that freeze to have them in this series. Things are moving for both though, each of them got significantly nearer to checkin readiness lately, tabmail has been tested for a number of interesting use cases and got its first full pass of code review comments, the Mac theme has UI review now. I'm looking forward to seeing everything wrap up before the targeted freeze on September 1.

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