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SeaMonkey 2.0 Beta 2 and Lightning

I've seen a stream of new comments on my older SeaMonkey and Lightning Calendar" post, so I think I should provide you with a bit of an insight of where we are with this now - after all the official SeaMonkey 2.0 Beta 2 announcement mentions Lightning.

The good news is that you actually can install current Lightning 1.0pre nightlies in SeaMonkey 2.0 Beta 2 and above and you will get a lot of calendaring functionality right in your suite install.

The bad news is that not everything works yet, see the open Lightning-SeaMonkey integration bugs for an overview.

The most notable problems are the invitation feature not working and no access to Lightning preferences.

We are working on solution for both of those and more, some work needs to be done in SeaMonkey code, some in Lightning code, but patches are coming up and we hope to have at least our side, hopefully also their side, fixed when we ship release candidates for SeaMonkey 2.0 and even more the release itself.

Note that all the general points I raised in the original blog post on this topic are still true, neither official Lightning releases with SeaMonkey support nor shipping SeaMonkey with this calendering functionality by default are planned right now, it's all about making it possible at all to install Lightning at all and making it work well enough that people can test that combination more thoroughly.

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I have been using Lightning with SM2.0b2 since last Monday, and so far it works fine. It even sync with Google calendar without any problems (update from client works too).

But are there any place where testers can share the information regard lightning on SM2 (information such as what works/what not on SM2 or basic tutorials)?
For example, i think some SM users will get confused first time, when they try to open calender with lighting. It doesn't add new calendar button on component bar anymore as old calender extension used to do. I thought it doesn't work after all, until I found small change on menu bar for Mail.

Of course, testers can refer the tutorial for TB with Lightning as for SM, but even though I think having these kind sharing information place especially for end user of SM encourages more people try it out, and it will (probably) result better implement of lightning on SM2.

Anyway, thank you for hard work to get the calendar back on Seamonkey once again. I will not use SM without Lightning anymore :) (yes I really like it ! )
2009-09-19 05:35



It depends on where the tutorial for Lightning with Thunderbird is hosted now. We don't have any specific site for such documentation right now, but we probably should think about that.
2009-09-19 18:22

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