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Back From Vacation!

Just to let y'all know, I'm back home from my 3-week vacation in the USA. I'm safe and sound but quite tired and I have a huge backlog to work in the next days, looks like about 1400 bugmails and 120 normal emails that I put aside to really work on - next to finishing up the photo collection and other stuff from the vacation. Oh, and I haven't even looked at newsgroups, planet or hg yet. So, expect to hear from me again, but don't expect me to be very responsive this week while I'm working that backlog.

Nuff said, I guess I should go to bed and get a good night's sleep first of all.

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from USA, MA

Welcome Back!!!
Welcome back, hope you enjoyed American Football!!!
2009-12-03 01:00



Oh, and how I did!

First, I saw tons of it on TV - including in all those bars and restaurants (I already miss that).
Second, I saw a number of football stadiums, NCAA as well as NFL ones, from the outside, including the one of my favorite NFL team (yes, I have a favorite, already since about 4 years).
Third, I even was at an NFL game - and not just any one - the Thanksgiving game in the NFL's largest stadium, the New Dallas Cowboys Stadium! And I was completely blown away by that amenity. This new stadium is really awesome, in every sense of the word! (The game - Raiders @ Cowboys - was mediocre, and no team in it that I cheer for very much, even though the Cowboys had a few really nice plays, including a well-done wildcat play.)

Oh, and if you wonder which team I've been favoring for a few seasons now, let me bring up a fitting cheer for them - "GEAUX SAINTS!" ;-)

(Interestingly, this season, when those Saints go marching in, they actually happen to be quite successful, which also helps cheering me up in return...)
2009-12-04 00:13

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