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Photo Gallery From US Gulf Region Trip

Image No. 22094 Image No. 22099 Image No. 22111 Image No. 22115

It took me a few weeks as usual, but I now have a reasonable collection of 150 pictures out of about 1200 I took on my US Gulf Region trip, and uploaded those on the website:
Photo gallery: US Gulf Region - November 2009

Image No. 22104 Image No. 22146 Image No. 22171 Image No. 22178 Image No. 22220

From rising skyscrapers to swamps, rivers and the Gulf, from museums and monuments to all kinds of stadiums, from live music bars to a Whiskey distillery and a guitar factory, from squirrels to sharks and tigers, I think the pictures show the wide variety of what we saw there - and I'm sure that was only a small part of what the region has to offer.

Image No. 22144 Image No. 22166 Image No. 22174 Image No. 22197

The hardest part of doing those is always to reduce the vast amount of good pics to a collection that people still are able to view, I hope I managed that task this time again, even though I needed to leave out some other just-as-good ones. :)

Image No. 22202 Image No. 22218 Image No. 22226 Image No. 22231

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