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Weekly Status Report, W21/2010

Here's a summary of SeaMonkey/Mozilla-related work I've done in week 21/2010 (May 24 - 30, 2010):

The big things for me this week was surely the Data Manager, which I could bring up to show and manage almost all of the data I want to cover in its first incarnation. Version 0.3, which is up on AMO now, can display cookies, permissions, content prefs, passwords, and form data and also delete/manage selected entries of everything but the rarely used content prefs.
What's missing next to content pref deletion is sorting in some of the lists, some context menus on the lists, the "forget all data from this domain" function as well as dynamic updates of shown lists and tabs when the data changes from any indirect manipulation. Those are what I want to get done before calling this work a 1.0 version.
I'm also thinking about possibly replacing the tabs with sub-items in the domain tree - unless I find an even better idea. The tabs are good in principle but tabs within a tab feel somewhat strange. I'm open for good ideas there and in any other way on that Data Manager.
Still, I don't want to extend its functionality too much before going 1.0, as I'd like it to be integrated in SeaMonkey 2.1 and probably replace at least the Cookie, Image, Popup, and Password Manager windows there - consolidating all their functionality and making it easier to manage, I hope. After all, SeaMonkey should make it easy for the professional user to stay in control of his or her data.

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Firefox updates delayed
So far is almost mid-June and I haven't seen any new Firefox updates at all.
Seems like the releases of Firefox 3.5.10, 3.6.4 and Seamonkey 2.0.5 may all get pushed back to late June as Mozilla is still fixing more bugs with the 3.6.4 candidate builds.
2010-06-13 05:52



I'm following the release team closely, they are creating the 7th build of Firefox 3.6.4 right now, and hope to release that this upcoming week - unless another problem comes up.
2010-06-13 14:28

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