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Data Manager 1.0

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Data Manager 1.0 is available for installation now!

The major change from 0.9 is optimization to get some speed improvements. I also posted this code as the first version of patch in the SeaMonkey integration bug, preliminary review feedback indicates that there are a number of improvements I still can make and need to make before I can land it - and the add-on will profit from that as well, I'll try to keep things in sync as much as reasonable and possible between the in-SeaMonkey and add-on versions.

There's also a few thing where future feature work is needed, see the list at the end of my previous posting.

Still, I hope Data Manager improves the experience for more and more of you in the future!

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    OIs there any technical reason why this isn't supported on SeaMonkey 2.0 and Firefox 3.5+ ?
    31.07.2010 21:35


    OData Mgr. Hangs
    Sorry that I have not posted back sooner, but just like w/ 0.9, 1.0 "hangs". It seems to be the amount of data that Data Mgr. has to crunch through. On my fast system, I get several "stopped scripts" warnings w/ 4.0b3pre going (temporarily) unresponsive before anything shows in the forms data tab. If I click another tab, nothing happens.
    31.07.2010 23:24

    Tony Mechelynck

    aus Brussels, Belgium

    OHow to get the latest Data Manager
    Dear Kairo blog readers:

    At the time of this writing, the link above still gives the AMO page for Data Manager 0.9; but scroll to the bottom of the page, View all versions, and you'll come to a page from which Data Manager 1.0 can be installed (or downloaded).

    Have fun!
    01.08.2010 00:35



    Quote of Tempest:
    Is there any technical reason why this isn't supported on SeaMonkey 2.0 and Firefox 3.5+ ?

    Yes, it uses some functionality (mostly Services.jsm, maybe more) that is not present on anything older than Firefox 4 Betas and SeaMonkey 2.1 Alphas.
    01.08.2010 02:40


    OThanks for the add-on
    I really enjoy the Data Manager. I'm using it with Firefox 4 Beta 2. It has been really helpful as I have been trying to get cookies working with a PHP webpage I'm creating on my local XAMPP server. Thanks for all the hard work.
    01.08.2010 07:16


    OAMO Issue
    If, like me, you use the pref general.useragent.extra.notfox;Firefox/3.6.8 or add Firefox/3.6.8 to the end of the pref general.useragent.extra.firefox, AMO will think you are on Fx 3.6.8 and not allow you to install or download the Data Mgr. add-on. You will have to temporarily remove the spoof and then reload the AMO page. (This is true whether you are logged in to AMO or not.)

    Personally, I am disappointed that AMO does not feel that warning users that using "incompatible" add-ons may cause unexpected behavior is sufficient both on AMO and if trying to install from the browser's Add-on Mgr. Obviously, we users who understand things like this are being penalized for the actions/experiences of less experienced users.
    01.08.2010 14:44


    OHow about adding an option to vacuum the databases. SQLite databases tend to grow over time and it would be nice to be able to reduce their size from time to time.
    02.08.2010 21:38



    OTempest, the platform teams are working on doing that automatically anyhow, probably even in the Mozilla2.0 timeframe, and as Data Manager doesn't work on anything before Mozilla2.0, there's no need to put in a manual hook for something that really should happen automatically and probably even will do so.
    03.08.2010 03:22

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