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Places Bookmarks Landed In SeaMonkey!

\o/ :) \o/ It's done! :) \o/ :)

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Finally, after roughly 5 months of the patches being around, reviews have been completed and I could land the places bookmarks patch set (a total of 1.2 MB of diffs, about half of that removal of the old system) in SeaMonkey "trunk" today, which means 2.1a3pre nightlies starting with 20100809 and also the soon-to-come SeaMonkey 2.1 Alpha 3 will be based on the new system.

As mentioned before, this brings a number of improvements:I'll also repeat the list of noteworthy "feature losses" or changes compared to the old code:
There may be some rough edges left in the SeaMonkey integration, for example, the patch for making Modern work has just not been landed yet, I finished it just before I could land the rest, but I hope it will get reviews soon.
Also, I just heard that the code I added a few weeks ago to set site icons correctly so places can use them seems to have been broken meanwhile, so the bookmarks toolbar and probably menu and manager are missing many icons - that problem is probably in our tabbed browsing code, we'll investigate it ASAP and hope to fix still it for Alpha 3.

If you are testing nightlies or the upcoming alpha, and you see things that don't work like they should, please report bugs (make sure you set a dependency on the SMPlacesBMarks bug if it's related to this feature landing). We will try to fix all the problems we can - of course your help is appreciated there as well - so we will be able to ship a great SeaMonkey 2.1!

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Sascha Grage

Glückwunsch, ein großer Schritt nach vorne. Endlich auch im SM
"Live bookmarks". Und dank FF-Sync braucht man dann auch nicht
mehr ständig Dateien rumkopieren. ;-)
2010-08-09 00:01


I hope you'll do it for History too!
2010-08-09 08:49



Quote of Anonymous:
I hope you'll do it for History too!

History has been done a long time ago, and already runs on places in our stable 2.0.x releases.
2010-08-09 16:14


from Frankfurt, Germany

Congratulations! You really made it. This is a major step ahead, especially in light of my pet topics, bookmark backup and sync. Not to speak of the possibilities that the ability to query bookmarks from SQLite offers.

Of course we need to be very careful to describe what works differently now, what was lost on the way, offer workarounds, and test migration scenarios (I'm thinking websites here rather than built-in Help, which is secondary here IMO). We can't please everyone, but we can try really hard to make the transition as smooth as possible. That's why I appreciate this (quite) soon landing in a3 as much as you do. :-)

Before I spam bugs, do we already have ones for these nits?
- Bookmarks button dropdown shows two separators below "Subscribe to This Page"
- Bookmarks button dropdown entry "Unsorted Bookmarks" has no special icon (cf. the Bookmark Manager)

Persisting favicons, finally! :-)
2010-08-10 00:11


That kind of sucks, its a lot easier to just click a groupmark than it is to go into a menu and select an option. I have several bookmarks that I never really have a reason to open separately, but then again, with session restore, I don't need them more than once a month anyway...

Anyway, Places Bookmarks will be really nice to have, regardless.
2010-08-11 04:35


from Frankfurt, Germany

Quote of Kelly:
That kind of sucks, its a lot easier to just click a groupmark than it is to go into a menu and select an option.

Middle clicking any bookmarks folder opens all contained bookmarks in tabs...
2010-08-11 22:05


I'm sorry to say but I don't like the concept of having all my data in a (only machine readable) database. And I have doubt about easier recovery.

The old (more or less) plain text files enabled transferring data to a new profile easier than this big binary database blob.

2010-09-13 22:50


from Australia

Not happy wih new 2.1
Just can't find where the bookmark file is anymore in this new v2.1 (I hate that). Getting back to old v2.010 where I know what each file does in Profile folder. This new direction in v2.1 is waste of time, you'll make us all run to using Opera very soon.
2011-07-02 22:56


from USA

Auto export of bookmarks to HTML?
I can see how you export bookmarks to HTML from the Bookmark Manager, but I don't see any option to automatically have this happen on Seamonkey exit (as mentioned above). Keeping a current HTML version of the bookmarks file sounds like a great thing.


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2011-07-29 16:53

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