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Weekly Status Report, W23-24/2012

Here's a short summary of Mozilla-related work I've done in weeks 23-24/2012 (June 4 - 17, 2012):

Both doing some work out of the Mountain View offices and the Stability Work Week were extremely welcome to me due to the amount of productive discussions as well as casual chats I could have with people there. The latter is completely absent from work as a remotee, but can have a lot of positive effects on work as well as personal feelings. The stability discussions gave us a good view of where problems lie and how we can improve things in the future. Some of this needs followup discussions, some only concrete work to be done - in all cases we improved mutual understanding of how things work or where we run into certain problems. All in all, a heavily successful two weeks in MV.

The following two weeks (June 18 - July 1), I took some time off to go on vacation in Northern California (and a bit of Southern Oregon, actually).

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