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Data Manager Now Part of SeaMonkey!

After fast JavaScript and Plugin Crash Protection, here's another major improvement that just came to SeaMonkey 2.1 code and will be in the upcoming Beta - and this time, it's a SeaMonkey-specific invention:

Data Manager

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I have reported about the add-on and on the features before, but now this idea I started working on four months ago has made one more step and is included by default in SeaMonkey, starting with manual builds from today as well as tomorrow's nightly builds.

Right now, you find it in the Tools menu or by entering "about:data" in the location bar and it's a pure addition to the other managers of the same data for the moment, until it can do everything those can do and we can remove them. There's a lot of work to do until then and the bug report has a long list of dependencies for those work items - help is appreciated there!

Once again, SeaMonkey 2.1 Beta 1 in early October will be the first version we'll ship to a wider audience for testing this feature.

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from Mexico

It's great to see al the improvements SeaMonkey is doing! I'll be happy to test it out in tomorrows Build :)
2010-09-24 22:09

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